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לרוב אני נפגעת כי יש לי בושה לענות בחוצפה. איך אגיב בדיפלומטיות? אשמח לעצות...!@

2) You may as well decide the file from a listing of uploads, edit the file description webpage, and manually add the category code at the conclusion of the page.

In the event the file is up for deletion mainly because it's been superseded by a outstanding by-product of one's perform, evaluate the notion that Even though the file could possibly be deleted, your labor (which all of us drastically value) lives on in The brand new file.

בקיצור - לא עדיף באמת שהפיקיוויקי יהיה אתר עצמאי שבו יאוכסנו התמונות, וממנו תהיה אפשרות להעביר את התמונות המתאימות לקומונז?

For information on what is appropriate, remember to study Commons:Licensing. You might also obtain Commons:Copyright guidelines beneficial, or you may ask questions about Commons guidelines for the Commons:Help desk. The file you additional has long been deleted. In the event you think that the deletion wasn't in accordance with plan, you may request undeletion.

In her new version the ה"אגדה" שמוסרת הסבתא מעוגנת במיתוס בריאת העולם, וממשיכrat demanded the present of laughter in the Creator, simply because he needed a lot of to resemble human beings - "These designed by the Divine Picture"[6]. בחירתו של העכברוש כגיבור הנרטיב מאפשרת לסבתא ריחוק מן המאורעות, כמו גם שימוש בלשון סימבולית ומטאפורית אשר נהירה לה ולקורא, אך נותרת מוסתרת מנכדתה בת השתים עשרה. סיפור האונס המתמשך מוסט אל שולי הנרטיב, והופך לעלילת משנה.Selecting a rat as being the protagonist permits the old lady to distance herself with the more info tragic and painful activities, and using symbolic and metaphoric language that makes it much simpler for that receiver to reply to, yet at the same time it continue to hides the brutal info.

הוא חיפש ומצא את האחד שכן האמין בו, שליווה אותו, שנתן לו הזדמנות- מבלי לדעת מה תהיה התוצאה ומה מידת השיפור שיעשה.

שבת שלום. יש במייזמים בעיה מובנת שיוצרת רמה בינונית. רצוי שתיזמי רשימה של כל הערכים שעלו דרך מייזם מתאריך לפי בחירתך.

In case the media also doesn't have a copyright tag, then you ought to also insert a single. For those who established/took the picture, audio, or movie Then you can certainly use self

For those who produced this file, you should Notice that The reality that it's been proposed for deletion would not necessarily suggest that we don't value your type contribution. It basically ensures that a person human being believes that there is some unique problem with it, such as a copyright concern.

Considering that the final e-newsletter, the VisualEditor Group has spent most in their time supporting the 2017 wikitext editor mode which is offered In the visual editor being a Beta Aspect, and adding the new Visible diff Software.

תמיד אתן את המיטב שבי, עבור הפרוייקט החשוב והמקודש הזה, ששמו ויקיפדיה.

Eliade's description refers to the normative hegemony initiation, although the grandmother's story requires a special type: the social traditions and institutions the grandmother teaches her granddaughter are specific towards the oppression of minorities (the Holocaust) and women (sexual abuse). The designs of conduct stemming from her phrases are survival designs as an alternative to settling.

My issues: one. how can all of the stamps be restored? 2. Based on this w:he:ויקיפדיה:זכויות יוצרים#מותר ללא הגבלה Israeli stamps are PD, is there a need for even more clarification on this situation?

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